Mitzvah Projects

“Mitzvah” literally means “commandment.” In the Torah, mitzvah refers to the 613 mitzvot given to the Jewish people by God. In today’s Western Jewish culture, “mitzvah” is more commonly used as a term for a good deed.

Many synagogues encourage students to choose a “Mitzvah Project” in tandem with their bar/bat mitzvah preparations. These projects allow the student to connect with a cause, organization, or purpose they are passionate about as well as putting into practice some or all of the following Jewish values: tikkun olam (repairing the world), kehillah (community), tzedek (justice), sherut (service), avodah (work), shomrei adamah (keepers of the earth), and tzedakah (charity/philanthropy).

Shemesh Farms is happy to partner with individuals and groups who want to fulfill a Mitzvah Project that honors the environment, humanity, and embraces Jewish values. We offer a few different choices for projects and welcome you to create your own.

Here are the Shemesh Farms Mitzvah Projects you can choose from (or you can tailor-make your own):

- Complete 13 hours of service work at Shemesh Farms (can be done individually or with a group)

*Raise $100 per hour from friends, family, and the community to donate to Shemesh Farms.

- Create 13 special, unique mitzvah boxes at the Farm. Fill them with Shemesh products. Sell each box for $100 and donate the money to Shemesh Farms.

- Combine the above and give half your time to working the Farm and raising $650 and devote the rest of it to creating and selling gift boxes for $650 (or split it up in whatever way suits you).

You are also welcome to purchase any of our seasonal herb/salt blends, lavender sachets, and honey as gifts for your guests at your bar/bat/b’nai mitzvah celebration.

Our farm and enterprise are built upon a foundation of sustainability, inclusion, and interconnectedness. When you choose to do your Mitzvah Project with Shemesh, you become part of our community. You also help us continue to hire more adults with diverse abilities, offer programming, and support our farm as a sustainable enterprise.

If you/your organization are interested in partnering with Shemesh Farms to create your Mitzvah Project, please contact our Director, Nicky Pitman for a consultation: