A [Mid]-Winter's Tale

The December holidays are over,
the new year's begun, and as we move towards the end of the first month of
2024, we recognize that a bit of melancholy may have set in. Grayer skies and
colder temperatures have us moving inwards, new year's resolutions and
intentions may have already begun to wane, and some of us may be feeling like
we need a little pick-me-up.


Shemesh Farms has a wonderful
pick-me-up for us all: our Winter Blossom Blend! This Shemesh Farms favorite
is available once again, with its mix
of rosemary, green onion, celery, sage, pink peppercorn, marigold,
nasturtium, and Himalayan pink salt. This scrumptious blend is sure to brighten
and heighten any dish you care to season.

Of course we have more in store! Our winter offerings will continue through
spring: our Italian Blend is simply bueno, bueno in soups, pastas, on
veggies, and chicken. It’s Getting’ Hot in Here lives up to it’s name
and will spice up any dish you choose. Whole Latka Love is divine on any
kind of potato and more (but ya gotta hurry to get this one as it has been so
popular, we are almost out of stock!).

Our Citrus Garden Salt and Za’atar Blend #4 are available all year-round for
good reason: they are both consistent sellers. Try some yourself and you’ll see

And, then there’s our Malibu Raw Honey, to sweeten your taste buds, recipes, and every
day the whole year through.

Perk up your sense of smell with a satchel of our lavender sachets. Each sachet will
offer a delightful scent to laundry, clothing drawers, and/or as a deodorizer for
your car.

On a budget? Check out our Bargain Bushel Basket where you can purchase last season’s blends for half-price. Such a deal!

And, that’s the end of our story…for now.

Stop reading and go shop!