Citrus Garden Salt
Shemesh Farms

Citrus Garden Salt

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Our Citrus Garden Salt was such a hit when it debuted this summer, we decided to make it available all year round!

The salt is a visually beautiful mix of Himalayan pink salt, kosher salt, citrus zest, green onions, and rosemary. You will want to keep this eye-dazzling salt out on your table or counter, in its original bottle, or in a small salt bowl. And the taste? A definite palate-pleaser!

The two guiding values of Shemesh Farms and our parent organization, the Shalom Institute, are inclusivity and sustainability. The front of our Citrus Garden Salt label showcases one of our Farm Fellows: the reason why our social enterprise exists. The back of the label lists the ingredients and our Farm information. Completely hand-crafted, completely compostable. Completely Shemesh Farms. Available only in 3 oz. bottles.

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