Shemesh Farms is made up of Farm Fellows, coaches, staff, and volunteers. Some of our volunteers work at the Farm one to three days a week, alongside our Farm Fellows. Others come to the farm to help out with office work, fulfilling orders, and getting things organized in the kitchen and office. 

When we have big orders to fill, we put a call out for extra hands to help with all aspects of the farm: harvesting, sorting, crushing, curating, bottling, labeling, and packaging.

If you have ever wanted to be part of something bigger - part of a really cool gang of people - we invite you to join the Sunshine Gang. Whether you would like to volunteer weekly, monthly, or whenever needed  - we would be thrilled to welcome you to our community!

Simply send an email to

Put “Sunshine Gang” in the subject line and be sure to include your first and last name and phone number in your email. Let us know in what capacity you would like to volunteer and we will send you a confirmation email with more information and put you on the appropriate list.



Volunteering at Shemesh Farms nourishes my soul and adds “spice” to my life! As our gardens grow and flourish, so do the Farm Fellows, volunteers and staff. It has been such a blessing to be part of this remarkable enterprise. - Laurie Fulton



What do I love about volunteering at Shemesh Farms? I love working side by side with people of all abilities. I love learning about farming–did you know honey’s flavor is influenced by the type of flowers the bee pollinated and that compost throws off heat as it transforms from food waste and old leaves to uber soil? I didn’t. I love the dual goals of creating delicious, sustainable, organic herb blends AND creating vibrant and inclusive communities. I love supporting young people with challenges to work and have purpose in the world. I love the laughing, the high fives, the conversations over sorting the celery under the oak tree where I learn that one Farm Fellow loves Superman, another is into race cars, another has read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair and yet another Fellow is into civil rights and making sculptures from recycled materials. I could go on.  
Instead, whoever you are, if you are thinking about volunteering, come to the farm and work side by side with us and join in. You are welcome here. - Kathleen Katims







You’re never too young to volunteer!