Za’atar Blend #4,  1 oz. packet

Za’atar Blend #4, 1 oz. packet

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How many trials of this blend did it take for us to get it just the way we know you’ll like it? Four! Four was the charm and that’s why our latest creation is called Za’atar Blend #4. The reviews are in and everyone who has tasted this Middle Eastern-inspired creation can’t wait to use it again and again! Ingredients: thyme, sorrel, oregano, marjoram, mint, lemon zest, sumac, kosher salt, and *sesame seeds (this blend is curated and packaged separately from our other blends).

One of our favorite ways to enjoy: liberally spread labneh on lavash bread, sprinkling the Za’atar on top and drizzling with a bit of honey (Shemesh honey, of course!): de-lish! Of course you can use the Za’atar to season veggies, chicken, or sprinkle in olive oil and dip your bread of choice (or any other way you like)! 

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